Our Features

Here are the critical features of boman.ai

Smooth Integration

Boman.ai can be integrated in your CI/CD pipeline with few command and minimum configuration. No planning or expertise needed.

Achieve Smart DevSecOps

Boman.ai brings SAST, DAST, SCA and Secret scan all packaged in one integration. It can support multiple development languages.

Seamless Utilization of Open-Source Tools

Boman.ai minimizes your application security expenses by utilizing open-source scanners. You don’t need to buy expensive application security tools.

AI/ML Powered Application Security

Boman.ai is powered by AI/ML that removes false positive and correlates results to help you in prioritization and fixes.

Unified Dashboard

SaaS platform presents dashboard for all your scan results at one place. Correlate the results and get insights for better application security.

Vulnerability Management

Manage vulnerabilities reported by the scanner. Platform helps to prioritize, triage and remediate vulnerabilities.