Tools Integrated

Simple Command line integration
  • Integrate command line interface in CI/CD of your choice.
  • supports wide variety of languages and frameworks
Continuous application Security Testing
  • Runs security scans finds security vulnerabilities Secret Scanning
  • Static Application Security Scanning
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing
  • Software Composition Analysis SaaS Platform for Results
  • Scan results are available over SaaS platform
  • AI/ML processing eliminates false positives and reduces noise
  • Vulnerabilities can be prioritized, triaged and remediated

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Detects runtime application security vulnerabilities in the code


Secret Scanning

Detect sensitive secrets hardcoded in the code


Static Application Security Testing

Identifies vulnerabilities in application source code

Find-Sec-Bugs, Brakeman, nodesJScan, Bandit, PHPCodesniffer

Software Composition Analysis

Identifies vulnerabilities present in project dependencies and open-source packages

OWASP Dependency Check
  • Azure DevOps
  • Github Actions
  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • Travis CI
  • Circle CI